Nowadays we consider the big social networks to be social media. Rightfully so, as humanity increasingly uses these platforms to push their "perfect" lives in painstakingly crafted advertisements. Those good enough at it are crowned influencer and earn the privilege to advertise others’. Narcissistic publishing at its finest.

Like other media, the social variety its primary purpose is to entertain. To keep the user coming back. And while entertainment is critical to an enjoyable life, we are convinced most entertainment is best enjoyed with friends. Preferably, you're doing something different than mindlessly scrolling a feed. Because a powerful thing happens when people share a common experience. It makes life feel worthwhile. Over the course of your life you’ll bond over board game nights, weddings, movies and music, festivals & funerals. Or simply dinner.

Unfortunately, the web is exceptionally poor at helping everyday events like these succeed. That’s why we’re building Wherat - a platform to create events and invite your friends. Today, Wherat helps you tell others about your plans and learn who is joining you. Next up: tools that help you make your everyday event exceptionally special.